Original Music for Organizations, Business, etc.

There are music libraries all over the internet but the music is used by many, what
we offer is music that no one else has because we can compose
original tracks
just for your project.

Once you own the music the use is free of copyright infringements. This alone is
worth it no need to take a chance because it is original and completely owned by
you. Commercials ,Ads. Documentary Music. Instructional ,etc.

These originals are recorded with the state of the art equipment
the latest digital software. Tascam, Mackie, ProTools,Cubase, Yamaha etc. The
final mix is done in
MP3 and Wav. Formats. In complete stereo, theatre sound,
dolby digital clarity.
There is also Vocal talent for Presentations the final product is mixed to a
If you need LyfeProduction, can create the Artwork for your disc too.

Registered Copyright
The original music can be place in the Library of Congress Copyright office to
secure the rights and use. Electronically or by mail

Broad range of Music
The music styles are determined by the client. The LyfeProduction ,library of music
has a broad range from jingle styles, rock and roll, easy listening to lounge music.

We have a special rate for Non- Profit Organizations

Lyfeproduction is the sponsor of Musicians For Biodiversity Inc.  That is why we can
offer better rates for Non- Profit.  We understand the need to keep cost down.
Contact us and see what we can create for you. The better you can share your
message the more results you get. (
see example at bottom right)
Sam Ash Quikship Corp.
Example picture of studio
Original Music Production

State of the Art Digital Quality

Documentary Music

Vocal Talent for voice over

Special Rates fore Non- Profits

Mixed to CD/DVD DISC

Copyright Services

Budget and Deadlines

"From The Top"Decade on Biodiversity
Official station for the Non- profit  Organization
Musicians For Biodiversity Inc.
Press to play
Theme Music for Radio Show
Recorded at Lyfeproduction Studio
Saturday Afternoon" smooth Jazz hit
from the DrCal
Passages Album CD
Nujazz hit from The" Faith" Album
title cut Recorded at
Studio "DrCal Nujazz Artist
Press to play
Press to play