Calvin Hogue is the President and owner of Lyfe Production. He is the Principle designer for all graphic services and the main engineer for audio and music production.

Services We Offer

Lyfe Production is a multimedia company that offers a variety of services for businesses. The services we offer fall into two main categories, Graphic Design and Audio and Music Production.

Graphic Design


Package design

Banners and displays


CD Covers /record jackets


Logo Design/Image Branding


Animation is taking graphics to another dimension. Any graphic design can be animated to help bring your product to the consumer in a more interesting way.

Cartoons - If you need an original character to help convey your message you have come to the right place.

          Our Graphic Design Process


1. We take the           customers concept

2. We do the             research

3. We Present the       design sketch

4 We make the          necessary revisions

5 . We then               deliver finished product

Audio and Music Production

With today's technology a large room filled with big expensive equipment is no longer necessary for quality music production.

 If you need to enhance your project or presentation with music, Lyfe production has a library of original songs or jingles that you can select from. We can also compose something especially to fit your needs. We make the finished product available in mp3 and wave files.