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Last time on Living Legends

Last time on "Living Legends"


"Bobby Caldwell"

"What You Won't Do For Love"

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Billy Cobham

Jazz fusion pioneer Billy Cobham is an internationally renowned drumming,virtuoso, percussionist, composer, producer, educator and master clinician whose life has been dedicated to musical exploration and creative more

Karyn White

The original "SUPERWOMAN"

Karyn White,

is an accomplished songwriter and performer and now a Film Maker with” Gale and the Storm”.We first interviewed miss White with her release “Carpe Diem” a few years ago. If you know the 80’s you will know Karyn White was producing with the top names at the time and she will always be established as the original “Superwoman”. Real music real talent and still more to come…DrCal

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1946 – 2013

George Duke, hailed by both peers and fans as not only a great musician but a greater man, died August 5, 2013 at the age of 67.


His career allowed him to work with many Artists, including Al Jarreau,

Barry Manilow, Taste of Honey, Deniece Williams. Anita Baker. Miles Davis. Jeffrey Osborne, Stanley Clarke.

                 Hit Songs


​​       "Sukiyaki"

  "Let’s hear it for the boy"

  "On the Wings of Love"

  "Sweet Baby"

George Duke was also the Director of the Soul Train Music Awards for 11 years.

George Duke was the first guest on our Living Legends Show.

When I asked Mr Duke to be a guest on the show he immediately responded. He was busy recording and doing what made him great. But what touched me was the sincere love of music and people that he had. George Duke , one of the biggest names in the music industry was a man well grounded. I am blessed to be able to honor him.    


George Duke's Last interview with DrCal

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     Tribute to  George Duke

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