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The Journey: DrCal, A short look

It seems lately the many people that I meet has asked me how did I get started in the things I do today? Everything has beginnings but for the most part it has to do with things I already do in my life. There are things each one of us will do because we enjoy them. Early in my life growing up, I would spend time learning how to play a music instrument. the first being the piano then later the guitar, bass and drums. I even taught myself how to sing a little. I have a book coming out soon called “Son of the Bronx”. This will give more details in that quest. But I want to address what I do now as a result of those early days.

I have been a Commercial Artist since the mid 70” s and that discipline has cause me to create many pieces of original artwork for many clients which also included Medical Illustration and manuals in the retail industry etc.  I have been a freelance artist for many years some of the work appeared in Time Magazine and local Newspapers etc.

Recently I have created a Media company called Lyfeproduction, Multi -Media LLC. Which deals with the commercial art side and the music production side. But after a few years I started to investigate different things about the environment and issues that deals with the human condition and things about Climate Change and Biodiversity. These two go together and are the key to our future and our immediate existence. I have discovered that many things I enjoy like a cup of coffee and the foods I eat and the beaches I grew up around were in line for serious interruption.

I came across an interview by then the General Secretary of the United Nations it was Mr. Ban Ki Moon. He said that “Biodiversity is Life and Biodiversity is our lives”. This got my attention when he said, “Biodiversity is OUR LIVES” I have created the non-profit organization “Musicians for Biodiversity” as what I can do in bringing awareness to this very human subject. Out of that creation came the talk show “From the Top” this broadcast is at least one show a month because it involves Business Executives and Officials and CEO officers of those in many companies a chance to speak on what is being done to secure a sustainable operation that keeps the present and the future as part of their growth.

Not many companies are about the environment but the way they do business and the way they expand, and build includes the needed elements such as Lighting, energy solutions. Clean waste practices etc.

 So, you see ever though my primary business is Media. Graphics and Music production, I have extended the marketing side to help with the United Nations of Biodiversity. I now have musicians and artist share the message of stewardship and being a part of the answer to Climate Change and Biodiversity, by taking action within their everyday lives and do their part to bring attention and clear direction of what will make the future secure.

There are many questions and those who keep promoting fear and destruction with many unproven facts.  But MFB says while I share our music and insight on life, we want to share the light and not the doomsday message.

Simply put we don’t have to have Mammologist, Environmental Professors. Science Professors. We need teachers and parents and boys and girls and men and women. If you are a citizen of planet earth you qualify to help with this.

I wanted to share some of what motivates me every day. Being a Musician and Artist brings a different view to the world for us and to us there is only one race THE HUMAN RACE. Even though we all have our different cultures which should be celebrated we should not forget this is all our world where we must live. Until we can get beamed out of here like in Star Trek, I would encourage all of us to do what we can where we are.

Musicians for Biodiversity are official partners with the United Nations. You can find our name on the list as partners on the site. They know we mean business and if you want to be a part just go to our site and join us and become a member. We will send you a “T” and a membership certificate with a unique design created by DrCal. (Calvin Hogue CEO of Musicians for Biodiversity) www.musicforbio.net  

All the brands of Lyfeproduction Multi Media, are M.O.B.  (member of the board) Skateboard, Products, New etc. Soon a talk show called “The MOB Spotlight” featuring local and nation Skateboard champions and special shows leading to the Olympics with those who will be part of the world’s competition. We also talk about the latest Skateboard parks being built by the Tony Hawk foundation.

“The DrCal Hour Of Insight” this show is of interviews with recording artist that are new and looking to share their music with an international audience. We deal with the origin and the way many get started. The interview includes two tunes from the artist and the rest it is getting to know who they are. This also shares the spotlight for Artist who have been legends. This show is called “Living Legends”:

George Duke was my very first guest. Bobby Caldwell and even Dionne Warwick was on the show.

I also use this platform to share advice for those starting out by sharing sites that will help them file copyrights and form their own publishing company and companies that are licensing to collect royalties from the original tunes that are being use and played on the air etc.

This also includes guest like entertainment lawyers and music supervisors for movie placement etc.

Many of our guest has moved on to places on the Billboard charts and their careers are growing and we had them first on this show. One of our frequent guests is Mr. Ryan Kilgore this man is the head Sax man for Stevie Wonder, featured in many of his tour videos.

Jazz fusion greats like Billy Cobham, Pat Martino have stopped by too.

This show is about to enter the 10-year mark in 2021. Who know what talent will stop in?

Yes, many have asked what keeps me going. I would love to take all the credit but recently I lost my best friend and wife of 45 years to that dreadful colon cancer in stage 4. This wonderful woman and mother of my children is the reason I have come this far. God has blessed me with the best partner I could ask for. This was and is my driving force and now I am back in the studio creating more music and I hear her loving guidance in my heart.

I must continue this journey in honor of her I have unfinished goal we have set so with the support of those who are looking for me to grow I say I cannot do this without the Lord on my side and the prayer of those who expects me to keep delivery the best talent and stay humble enough to thank the Lord when the big and little things happens. Never forgetting the loving gift, I was given my wife.

I have more to share but please stop by sites and fill out the contacts and leave a message I promise to get right back to you. If you have any question, please let me know. ……….

.The Journey, DrCal

""Son of the Bronx"